A Story Bible for Every Reader

We wouldn’t wait until a child understands big concepts to read books about friendship, love, or feelings – so why wait to start reading the Bible to them? We know that each child (and adult!) has a different learning style – the way they naturally prefer to absorb information. When we help children use the style that is most comfortable and automatic for them, they better remember what they learn and they enjoy the experience of learning much more. 

Thus, our goal to publish a Story Bible for every kind of reader, from birth on up. Click on the covers below to read more about each Bible’s art style, language choices, and see a sample.

For the Listener


The Frolic First Bible

Frolic Bibles are built on the belief that early childhood is a crucial time for human development and a foundational time for faith development. Using warm, charming illustrations, Frolic Bibles show historically accurate people, places, and things as they existed during Bible times. With developmentallyappropriate language, these Bibles are perfect for bedtime reading for parents with young children.

Ages Birth-3

Price $14.99

Padded Board Book


“A great introductory Bible storybook for little hearts.”

- KidzMatter Magazine

Introduces infants and toddlers to God’s love and care.

2017 Illumination Book Award winner 

Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Medal Recipient

  • The Frolic First Bible contains 20 stories: 10 from the Old Testament, and 10 stories about Jesus. 
  • Each story is about 60 words and uses simple vocabulary and sentence structure perfect for a little one. 
  • The takeaway connects the story to the child. 
  • Gives parents confidence that their child is learning the Bible one story at a time.

Ages 3-5

Price $14.99



“It is so exciting to see early childhood resources that churches and families can use to nurture a young child’s faith.”

- Mimi L., Visiting Assistant Professor of Christian Formation & Ministry, Wheaton College

Helps preschoolers connect with a Bible of their very own.

The Frolic Preschool Bible

  • The Frolic Preschool Bible contains 40 stories: 20 Old Testament, and 20 New Testament.
  • Includes the 20 stories from the Frolic First Bible with all new, expanded text, plus 20 additional stories.
  • Uses more dialogue, action words, and specific names for people and places.
  • The takeaway connects to the child’s faith community.

For the Emerging Reader

  • Features 100 stories from the Old and New Testaments.
  • Written specifically for readability with the writers guided by the question, “Can kids imagine what is happening by the words being used?”
  • The Spark Story Bible uses lively dialogue and captivating illustrations to keep kids engaged. It allows children to use their imagination while being read to, or to sound the words out for themselves as they begin reading.
  • Questions and activities in every story help kids think more deeply about the meaning of each story.
  • Squiggles, the expressive little caterpillar, provides an emotional cue to the context for each story. Little ones love to find him on every page!

For the Bookworm


Our Story Bibles focus on the different ways kids experience stories. Some children love to be read to, saying “Again!” after hearing their favorite stories. Others may read books on their own. Others enjoy retelling stories in their own words, pictures, and colors. Still others look for action and dialogue to help them understand a story. Our writers are a team of experts in child development, early literacy, education, and faith formation. We’ve created a family of Bibles that help tell these important stories in ways that will best connect with the different kinds of readers.

The Spark Story Bible

Spark a Journey through God's Word

Ages 3-8

Price $22.99



“Out-of-this-universe: the best Bible for kids!”

- Pastor Brent, Grace Lutheran Church, Loves Park, IL

Perfect for reading aloud or for emerging readers to dive into Bible stories.

2016 Illumination Book Award Winner

Ages 3-8

Price $22.99



“The Bible stories really stick with the kids!”

- Emily L., Sunday School Teacher, Elgin, IL

Encourages creativity and imagination to develop biblical literacy.

2015 Moonbeam Award Winner

  • Features 60 Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments.
  • Each story includes coloring activities that invite kids into the Bible story by adding their own creativity to the drawings.
  • Words of God are highlighted in yellow.  Colorful, hand-drawn images use crayon textures and colors to create a unique approach to Bible story illustration.

For the Artist

The Holy Moly Story Bible

Exploring God's Awesome Word

For the Comic Fan

Ages 3-8

Price $22.99



“My son is reading the Whirl Story Bible straight through… and is asking me very challenging questions.”

- Jill Lafferty, Christian Author, Minneapolis, MN

The Whirl Story Bible

Lively Bible Stories to Inspire Faith

  • Features 100 Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments.
  • Each story includes the Bible text for reference.
  • Each 4-page story features text on the left and illustrations on the right, making it easy for kids to follow the story visually.
  • Easy-to-read dialogue, simple phrases, and short sentences give confidence to new readers.
  • Cartoon characters provide kid-friendly commentary and questions to provide context to the stories.

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